Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

As I child I was always interested in archery. I never got the opportunity to get into this sport/hobby throughout my youth. However, when I went to a resort in the Dominican Republic several years ago, one of the many activities offered was archery. I immediately took to it and upon my return back home, I searched online looking for information on archery groups in New York. I stumbled upon meetup.com and there I met Dee. She had organized a meetup group called New York City Archery Group. She was super friendly and extremely helpful to new archers to the sport. Joining this meet up was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Finding the right range (indoor or outdoor) is somewhat of a challenge (price, distance, equipment, facility, quality of staff, etc). We settled with C&B Archery in Hicksville, Long Island for our indoor shoots. The owner, Ralph and his staff are very accommodating and friendly to the group. If you’re ever in Hicksville, L.I., check them out.

For outdoor archery, we always go to Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn in the summer months. The field is actually an old abandoned airport, the most widely used airport in the US during WWII. It’s now a national park, offering many activities such as biking, hiking, camping, fishing, various sports, aviation-related events, nature walks, and kayaking/canoeing. It’s also the base of NYPD aviation operations in New York City and home to the Historic Aircraft Restoration Project.

Despite my busy schedule at work and at home, I try to do archery whenever I can so when I saw this week’s photo challenge, I thought immediately of the launch of an arrow. While doing some shooting at Floyd Bennett Field I decided to take several shots of my friend, Dee. Unfortunately, my camera’s burst speed wasn’t fast enough to actually capture the arrow’s flight! How awesome a photo would that have been. If anything, we can observe the proper archery form before and after an arrow’s launch.

Dee’s perfect form and concentration.



15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Launch

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    • So what’s stopping you? Go ahead and just do it! I would love to read a first timer’s blog post on archery.

    • Gilly, you can get a low poundage bow just to get into it again. Remember, compound bows have pulleys that help in drawing the bow with the strength being adusted. With “take down” bows, the limbs can be switched for a light pull. Go to your local archery range and inquire. Heck, bring friends along for a quick beginner lesson. You’ll have a blast.

  2. i remember archery from high school about 100 years ago or so, give or take, and then again a few years later while working at a summer camp…. lots of good memories.
    thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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